Thursday, February 17, 2005

Welcome To MyMoneyBlogPlayMoney

After starting MyMoneyBlog, I began to itch to learn more about trading individual stocks and bonds and the market overall. I knew that my knowledge and time available was limited, but I wanted at least to get some exposure to the fears and decision-making that goes on when investing with one's own hard-earned money. So I put $5,000 into a FreeTrade brokerage account, and called it "play money", which let to chosoing a non-existent ticker symbol for fun - MMBPM - MyMoneyBlogPlayMoney.

In an effort not to clutter up MyMoneyBlog with my trades, I will be posting them here instead for all to see. I will summarize my gains and losses on MyMoneyBlog, but all the nitty gritty will stay here. Welcome!


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous jon said...

this is genius, jonathan!!!...

eventually you will start hosting your own radio show, have a syndicated news column, get other people to do the due diligence for you analyzing stocks and writing articles, and then close down this real money online portfolio and starting charging for the MMBPM Newsletter...just like the Motley Fool!...


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